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Representing Divorcing Physicians And Spouses

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Many physicians and their spouses want to take special care to ensure they protect their assets and standard of living in a divorce. They also need a law firm on their side that understands the complexities of divorces involving physicians and others who own or share in professional practices.

At Laura Dale & Associates, we are led by an attorney who understands the unique issues facing professionals and their spouses. In Texas, where all property is considered to be community property until proven otherwise, her business background is an essential part of our firm’s ability to achieve results for our clients.

Determining Fair Market Value

Whether we are representing a physician or a spouse, determining fair market value is the first step in how we handle divorce and family law issues for physicians. This will serve as the foundation for any property settlement in the divorce and ensure that each party receives his or her fair share of the properly valued marital property.

There is no substitute for experience in this area. In addition to our connections with experts such as business valuation specialists, accountants and tax professionals, our team is made up of lawyers who are board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

We have the skills and the resources to achieve a division of the marital estate that is in your best interest, which often takes the form of a negotiated payout plan that compensates the nonpracticing spouse for his or her community interest, if any, in the practice.

Protecting Your Property And Your Reputation

If you are a physician, we understand that you are mindful of your reputation in the community and wish to preserve your practice and lifetime achievements. We also understand how important it is for the spouses of physicians to understand their rights in a divorce. Contact Laura Dale & Associates, to learn more about the services we offer.

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