Dissolution Of Same-Sex Marriages

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If you are married outside of the State of Texas and you and your partner have decided to end the relationship, you may need to legally end the relationship as well, even though Texas does not recognize same-sex marriage. This is true, particularly if there are children of the union and/or an accumulation of assets or debts during the relationship.

While same-sex couples cannot divorce in Texas, your union will continue to be recognized in other states and/or countries, an issue that must be addressed. Further, property laws in Texas may affect the dissolution of your relationship even though same-sex marriage is not recognized, not to mention laws under the Texas Family Code related to children. LGBTQ couples who marry outside of Texas need to be concerned about how the dissolution of their relationship will impact them if they are unable to divorce under Texas law, but remain legally married under another state’s (or country’s) laws.

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